Commodities will also be an predominant tool for traders to diversify their portfolios. GPro Market presents merchants and buyers the possibility to participate in commodity markets by way of trading derivatives on more than a few metals, energies and soft commodities with low margin necessities and hedging procedures that allow them to manipulate rate dangers.

Soft commodities confer with these grown or produced equivalent to agricultural products and livestock. Wheat, soybean, coffee, sugar, cotton etc. All are soft commodities. Provides, needs and as a consequence costs of these merchandise exchange relying on the climatic stipulations.

Hard commodities are those that must be mined or extracted from the Earth’s crust or underseas, e.G. Oil, typical gasoline, silver, and gold.


The commodity market is a fiscal market that deals with raw materials substances. It is also known as a ‘important financial sector’. With GPro Market that you may access predominant commodity markets comparable to oil and worthy metals. These are traditional assets traded on exchanges world wide.


Suitable for beginners and professionals alike


Speculation about future uptrend/downtrend market price movements

Get up to 1:400 leverage

24/5 multilingual customer support

Ability to profit from rising or falling prices